Our Dog Parade is a tribute to the Scottish & Irish working dogs bred centuries before on the mountainsides of the Highlands and the pastures of the misty Lowlands.

While we will lead off and feature these breeds from the British Isles we welcome all dogs that you're proud enough of to join in our parade.

All pets must be on short leash and easily controlled by their owners/handlers.

There is no charge to join in our parade but any donations received will be given to the Jefferson County Humane Society.

The parade will assemble in Graveyard Alley beside the Shepard's Inn   by 2:45pm and at 3:00pm will march to the music while parading to the intersection of Main St. & Gay St. & back again

Laddy Boy Patterson will be our 2016 Honorary Parade Co-Leader.  Laddy was born in 2013 in Tennessee, was badly mistreated & abandoned. He was rescued by the East Tennessee Border Collie Rescue Society in Kingsport.  Laddy was adopted in November 2014 and lives a very happy & active life in a country home              near Decatur, Texas

Bailey Umberger will also be our 2016 Honorary Parade Co-Leader.  Bailey, a Border Collie & Golden Retriever cross, was born in 2014 in Tennessee, forsaken and then was rescued by Chris & Freida Umberger early in 2015.  She now lives a very happy & active live in  a lakeside villa near Dandridge, Tennessee